Case 580K Backhoe Information

April 1987
Introducing the new Case 580K
The loader/backhoe designed to keep Case on top
The loader/backhoe designed to
keep Case on top
580K Manuals
Engine Area
Electrical System Area
Transmission Area
Axle Area
Hydraulic System Area
Operator's Compartment
Performance Analysis
When J I Case introduces a new 580 loader/backhoe, it creates a stir in the
industry. People watch the market leader to see what it does. The new Case
580K is sure to generate interest among dealers and customers alike.
Newly designed from the ground up, the 580K features a totally new main
frame, loader, backhoe and operator's compartment. Outstanding elements
from the popular 580 Super E were retained, so the new K embodies the best
of the old and the best of the new.
The 580K competes in the 14-foot (3.56 m) backhoe and 50 to 70 horsepower
(37.3 to 52.2 kW) market. Major competitors are the Caterpillar 416 and 426,
Deere 310C and 410C, Ford 555B and 655A, JCB 1400B and 1550B,
Massey 50H and 50HX, and CDS 714C and 715C.
These competitors will be left in the dust by the Case 580K. The K was designed
for the future and is years ahead of its competition in performance, serviceability,
reliability and operator comfort.
Go after the following markets for the 580K:
Building contractors
Excavating contractors
Rental centers
Road contractors
Industrial plants
Commercial Businesses
Note: Photos in this publication illustrate 580K pre-production units. Some
details may be changed slightly on actual manufactured models.
Why Go from an E to a K.
The new 580 is designated 580K because Case has used the letters F, G, and
H on its internationally produced 580 loader/backhoes. (The 580F and 580G
are made in France, the 580H in Brazil.)
The letters I and J are not used in the construction industry because of a
precedent set many years ago to avoid these letters in model designations.
Thus, the new Case 580 becomes a K.
Purpose of this Brochure
The purpose of this brochure is to highlight the changes and advancements
from the 580 Super E to the 580K. You'll note that the 580K features more
than 146 improvements in performance, reliability, serviceability and
operator comfort.
You find uses for the 580K
loader/backhoe anywhere there's
work to be done. Put it to work
digging trenches and basements,
craning heavy pipe and manholes,
loading trucks and hoppers, breaking
up concrete and asphalt, and snow
removal and material handling.
Main Frame
Box Section Unitized Main Frame
The 580K features a total box-section,
unitized main frame compared to the
channel-section, unitized main frame
used on the 580SE. The new 580K
design provides:
Increased strength.
Use of the chassis main structure
as the fuel tank and hydraulic
Two Main Frames
The 580K features both an integral backhoe and detachable backhoe main
frame. This design offers your customer a choice in main-frame design for
the following benefits:
The detachable backhoe chassis provides added versatility. Your customers
can install rear-mounted equipment, such as a mod hitch with a box scraper
or grader blade.
The integral backhoe chassis is ideal for customers who don't need extra
versatility. It offers greater backhoe-to-chassis integrity at a lower price.
Built-in Fuel Tank
The 580K fuel tank is built into the left
loader upright and main structure of
the chassis, while the 580SE had a
remote-mounted fuel tank. The built-
in fuel tank provides more room
between the loader frame uprights for
improved tractor-component
Integral Hydraulic Reservoir
The 580K hydraulic reservoir is built
into the right loader upright and main
structure of the chassis. The 580SE's
hydraulic reservoir was built only into
the right loader upright. The 580K
design gives a 68 percent increase in
hydraulic reservoir capacity, from
12.5 gallons (47.3 L) to 21 gallons (79.5 L).
Common Chassis for Two-
and Four-Wheel Drive
The 580K features a common main
frame for both two- and four-wheel-
drive units. In contrast, the 580SE
used two different main frames.
Double Front-Engine Mount
For improved reliability and vibration absorption, the 580K features a double
front-engine mount.
Fuel-Fill Port
A hinged panel between the loader
uprights, along with the tilting hood,
gives a wide-open access to the
580K fuel-fill port, making it easy
to fill, even with a five-gallon (19.3 L)
can. This is a handy feature for
fueling on the job.
The 580SE fuel-
into the hood.
port was recessed
Larger Radiator Core
The 580K radiator core has been
increased four percent, from
372 square inches (58 cm
) to
385.5 square inches (60 cm
), for
improved engine cooling.
Tilting Engine Hood
The 580K's tilting engine hood is easily opened by releasing a latch from either
side and lifting the hood up and forward. Gas cylinders make this an easy task.
The tilting hood gives wide-open access to the top and sides of the 580K
engine, for easy engine maintenance and repair. With no side panels to remove,
your customer will spend more time on the job and less on service and repair.
Rubber Front Hood Bumper
A rubber front hood bumper on the
580K acts as a low-impact shock
absorber when running into sides
of trucks or hoppers during loader
Sound and Heat Curtain
A removable curtain is positioned
behind the engine and between the
loader uprights to isolate noise and
heat away from the operator's
compartment. The curtain is easy to
remove to allow servicing
components behind it.
Under-Hood Engine Muffler
Because the 580K has a tilting
engine hood, the muffler is located
under the hood. This, in addition to
the air intake being in line with the
exhaust stack, provides minimal
visibility obstruction.
Air-Cleaner Service
The 580K air-cleaner canister is
positioned so the air-cleaner
elements may be serviced with the
loader arms either raised or lowered
Optional Precleaner
For improved filtration in extremely
dusty conditions, a precleaner is now
available as a factory or field option.
Electrical Area
System Protection
The electrical system for the starter and main electrical circuits is protected by
three 30-amp blade-type fuses located in the 580K's engine compartment.
Smaller amp blade-type fuses are used for individual circuits. The fuse box for
the individual circuits is located on the front bottom side of the instrument panel
and is easily accessible from the operator's compartment.
Sealed and Self-Locking
Wire Connectors
For improved reliability and protection
against dust, moisture and vibration,
self-locking and sealed wire
connectors are used on the 580K.
Large Standard Battery Box
The 580K is equipped with a battery
box large enough to field-install dual
batteries into the box without having
to install a larger box. This results in
cost- and time-saving benefits to both
the dealer and the customer.
ROPS Canopy
Two front driving
One rear flood
One rear tail
One extra rear flood, tail, two turn
signals/flashers and stop lights
Two additional front driving
Two additional rear flood
not available
not available
Front Lights
Two front driving
Two additional front driving
Two rear flood
Two additional rear flood
Turn signals/flashers
Two rear tail/stop
4 standard
not available
not available
2 standard
Rear Lights
Improved Return-to-Dig
For improved reliability, a return-to-dig
proximity switch mechanism has
taken the place of a microswitch and
complicated linkage.
Transmission Area
Improved Transmission
Shift-Lever Location
The 580K transmission shift lever is
positioned to the front, right side of
the operator's seat. This is convenient
to reach, easy to operate and opens
up the platform floor for unobstructed
entry/exit. The lever was located in
front of the seat on the 580SE.
Improved Transmission
Disconnect Location
The 580K transmission disconnect is
situated on top of the transmission
shift lever, compared to being located
on the operator's platform floor on the
580SE. The new position provides the
following benefits:
Improved protection against dirt
and moisture.
More reliability.
More convenient to use.
Top Trunnion-Mounted Steering Axle
The steering axles on the 580K are top trunnion-mounted, compared to the
580SE's center trunnion-mounting. The top-mounted design provides:
Increased front tire clearance between the loader frame when the axle
is fully oscillated and the tires turned.
A common main frame for both two- and four-wheel-drive units.
Improved Four-Wheel-Drive Front Axle
The 580K features a Carraro model 710 four-wheel-drive front axle, while
the 580SE had a model AE2. The new axle provides:
Tapered roller bearings instead of ball bearings in the spindles for
improved reliability.
Steering angle increased 18 percent, from 33 degrees to 39 degrees,
for improved maneuverability.
Eight wheel studs instead of six, for improved wheel retention.
Improved Steering Design
The 580K steering system consists of
one large center-mounted, double-
acting, double-rod cylinder and two
short tie rods with large ball joints.
The 580SE used two double-acting
steering cylinders with a long tie rod.
The 580K steering components are
positioned farther from the ground,
giving more protection and increased
ground clearance.
Axle Area
Steering-System Hydraulic Supply
The 580K steering-system oil is supplied by the 26-gallon-per-minute (98 L/min)
section of the engine-driven, tandem, gear-type pump. This section also
supplies oil to the loader and backhoe circuits.
The 580SE steering-system oil is supplied by the 7-gallon-per-minute (26 L/min)
section of an engine-driven, tandem, gear-type pump. This section also
supplies oil to the backhoe circuit.
The 580K steering system is load-sensing, supply-on-demand, requiring a
maximum of 3.5 gallons per minute (13 L/min) when turning the wheels from
stop to stop. Oil not being used by the steering system is made available to
the loader or backhoe circuits. Benefits of this system include:
More steering control at low engine rpm because more gallons of oil are
available to the steering system at low engine idle.
When the steering system is not in use, more gallons of oil are available for
the loader or backhoe circuits for improved performance.
Increased Wheelbase
The wheelbase has been increased 2 inches (51 mm) from 82 inches (2.08 m)
to 84 inches (2.13 m). This gives improved stability and weight distribution.
The longer wheelbase increases the clearance turning circle without brakes
from 24 feet, 1 inch (7.34 m) to 25 feet, 1 inch (7.65 m).
Increased Front Wheel Tread
Front wheel tread has been
increased 5.5 inches (140 mm), from
62 inches (1.58 m) to 67.5 inches
(1.72 m) for improved stability.
Increased Front Axle Vertical
Wheel Travel
Vertical wheel travel has increased
14 percent, from 11 inches (279 mm)
to 12.5 inches (318 mm), for improved
stability over rough terrain. At the
same time, front axle oscillation
has decreased from 22 degrees
to 20 degrees.
Clearance for Rear Tire Chains
The 580K features enough clearance
between the fender wells and rear
tires to allow installation of tire chains
without adding wheel spacers. This is
both convenient and economical for
the customer.
See-Through Brake Reservoir
The 580K features a see-through brake reservoir that can be visually checked
for fluid level every time the machine is fueled. The fluid level is also monitored
by a warning light inside the operator's compartment.
Hydraulic System Area
Improved Hydraulic System Flow
The 580K hydraulic-system oil is
supplied by 7-gallon-per-minute
(26 L/min) and 26-gallon-per-minute
(98 L/min) engine-driven tandem-
gear pump sections.
The smaller pump supplies oil
directly to the backhoe boom,
stabilizer, dipper and bucket circuits.
The larger pump supplies
oil to steering, loader and
backhoe circuits.
With this split hydraulic circuit, the
swing and other major backhoe
functions can be operated
simultaneously for improved cycle
times and performance without
having to feather the controls.
Increased Loader-Pump Capacity
Capacity of the 580K loader pump has increased from 23 gallons per minute
(87 L/min) to 26 gallons per minute (98 L/min) at 2200 rpm, a 13-percent increase.
Increased Backhoe-Pump Capacity
The combined pump flow at the backhoe has increased 10 percent, from
30 gallons per minute (114 L/min) to 33 gallons per minute (125 L/min)
at 2200 rpm.
Increased Main Relief Pressure
The 580K hydraulic-system main
relief pressure has increased from
2450 psi (16 892 kPa) to 2550 psi
(17 582 kPa), a four-percent increase.
Improved serviceability comes from
one main relief valve, instead of two,
to protect both pump sections.
Cast-Iron Hydraulic Pump
For improved life and reliability, the 580K features a Commercial Shearing-built,
cast-iron, tandem-gear pump, rated at 3500 psi (24 132 kPa).
Improved Hydraulic Pump Coupler
The 580K's new hydraulic pump
coupler gives improved reliability
and serviceability with the following
A larger diameter spline.
Larger rubber bushings bonded to
the steel spline bushings.
Slides back on the pump shaft so
that the fan belt can be replaced
without removing the pump, for
time-saving service.
No need for periodic maintenance
Larger Capacity Hydraulic
The hydraulic reservoir capacity has
been increased 68 percent, from
12.5 gallons (47.3 L) to 21 gallons
(79.5 L). This increase results in more
efficient cooling and lower hydraulic-
oil system temperatures.
Suction Screen
A 55-mesh wire screen on the suction
side of the hydraulic pump helps
assure clean oil is entering the pump.
Hydraulic Reservoir
Cleanout Holes
To facilitate easy cleaning of the
hydraulic reservoir, the 580K features
two large clean-out holes on the
suction and return sides of the
Hydraulic Reservoir Sight Gauge
An operator can conveniently check
the hydraulic reservoir oil level by
observing an external sight gauge
on the reservoir, instead of using
a dipstick.
Large Hydraulic Reservoir Fill Port
A hinged panel between the loader
uprights, along with the tilting hood,
provide a wide-open hydraulic
reservoir fill port. Its large diameter
easily accommodates a five-gallon
(18.9 L) can.
Larger Hydraulic Oil Cooler
For improved hydraulic system
cooling, the 580K features a hydraulic
oil cooler that has three rolls of
cooling tubes. This replaces the two
rolls of cooling tubes used on the
580 Super E.
10W/30 Hydraulic Oil
The approved and recommended oil
for the hydraulic system is 10W/30 CC
fluid. This is the same as the
recommended engine oil. Fewer oil
types to stock and buy is a new
580K benefit.
Improved Hydraulic Cooler
The hydraulic oil cooler's inlet and
outlet tubes feature J I C 37-degree
flared fittings instead of a beaded
tube and hose clamp for improved
protection against leaks.
Hydraulic Oil Filter
The hydraulic oil filter, previously
found at the side of the engine, has
been relocated to the back side of the
engine between the loader uprights
to provide greater engine access. The
10-micron spin-on filter can easily be
removed from ground line.
Integral Cooler Charge
Relief and Oil Filter
The hydraulic oil cooler charge relief
valve is now built into the hydraulic
filter head assembly instead of being
an external component in the hydraulic
circuit. Because this design has less
external plumbing and fewer lines, it
improves protection against leaks.
Improved Hydraulic Pump
Outlet Hoses
For longer life and improved
reliability, high-impulse hoses with a
3,000 psi (20 684 kPa) and 3,500 psi
(24 131 kPa) maximum operating
pressure are now used as the
7-gallon-per-minute (26 L/min) and
26-gallon-per-minute (98 L/min)
hydraulic pump outlet hoses,
respectively. They replace 2250 psi
(15 513 kPa) hoses on the 580SE.
Bolt-on Split Flanges
For improved serviceability and
protection against leaks, bolt-on split
flanges are used to connect the
hydraulic pump outlet hoses.
Heavy-Duty Loader Arms
For improved durability and performance, the 580K loader arms are made of
thicker steel and have a larger cross section. Large reinforcement plates on both
sides of the arms between the lift cylinder mounting and cross tube also add
increased strength. The integral fabricated-steel mounting end of the arms gives
improved strength.
Larger Loader Cylinders
The bore diameter of the lift cylinders has been increased 0.25 inches (6.4 mm)
to 3.25 inches (82.6 mm) and the bucket cylinder bore is increased 0.5 inches
(12.7 mm) to 3.0 inches (76.2 mm) for improved performance.
Heavier Hydraulic Cylinder Walls
The thickness of the loader cylinder
walls has been increased 33 percent
from 3/16 inch (4.8 mm) to 1/4 inch
(6.4 mm) for a longer, more durable
life and to handle the higher
operating pressure.
Improved Loader Lift Capacity
When the 580K is equipped with
the 1.0-cubic-yard (.76 m
) long-
lip bucket, the loader lift capacity
to full height has increased from
5155 pounds (2338 kg) to
5500 pounds (2495 kg), a 7-percent
improvement over the 580 Super E.
Increased Bucket Breakout Force
Bucket breakout force has been increased 7 percent, from 6800 pounds
(30 248 N) to 7300 pounds (32 472 N) when equipped with the 1.0-cubic-yard
(.76 m
) long-lip bucket. With the same sized short-lip bucket, the increase is
from 7600 pounds (33 806 N) to 8100 pounds (36 031 N).
Increased Bucket Hinge Pin
Bucket hinge pin height has
improved from 10'9" (3.28 m) to
11'2" (3.40 m), a 5-inch (127 mm)
increase. This makes it easier for
the 580K to load into high-sided
trucks or hoppers.
Improved Bucket Dump Clearance
Bucket dump clearance is improved
6 percent, from 8'4" (2.54 m) to 8'10"
(2.69 m) when the unit is equipped
with the 1.0-cubic-yard (.76 m
) long-
lip bucket.
Increased Bucket Reach
at Full Height
With the 1.0 cubic yard (.76 m
) long-
lip bucket, the 580K bucket reach
has increased from 25" (635 mm)
to 27" (686 mm) at an 8'4" (2.54 m)
dump clearance. At the maximum
dump clearance of 8'10" (2.69 m)
bucket reach remains at 25" (635 mm).
Heavy-Duty Long-Lip
Loader Bucket
The new standard 1.0-cubic-yard
(.76 m
) long-lip bucket is designed
for heavy-duty use on both two- and
four-wheel-drive units.
Note: The 580K loader bucket is not
interchangeable with 580SE loader
buckets because the loader arms are
2" (51 mm) further apart.
Improved Loader Valve Metering
and Efforts
For increased control and precise
movements, the loader valve features
improved metering. The lever effort
on the loader raise and lower circuit
has been reduced from 6.0 pounds
(2.7 kg) to 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg) for less
operator fatigue.
Loader Bucket Lift Eyes
As standard equipment, the new
long-lip bucket is designed with two
integral closed-loop lift eyes. These lift
eyes provide an easy and convenient
way to use chains or slings for
craning applications with the loader.
Auxiliary Loader Control Lever
The 580K auxiliary control lever is
conveniently located next to the main
loader control lever where the
operator can reach it without strain.
When the operator engages the main
loader-control lever bucket-curl-back
circuit, the auxiliary control lever
automatically moves out of the way,
so it doesn't interfere. The auxiliary
control lever has two functions: Fore
and aft for control of clam circuit
and side-to-side for bucket dump
and rollback.
Sectional Loader Control Valve
The 580K features a Case-built,
sectional loader control valve
allowing conversion from two-spool
to three-spool by simply adding a
section. This makes switching fast
and convenient when auxiliary
hydraulics are needed for a 4-in-1"
bucket, grapples, augers, quick
coupler systems. Benefits include:
More dealer flexibility.
Less cost to the customer.
Bolt-on Split Flanges
For improved serviceability and
protection against leaks, bolt-on split
flanges connect the inlet and outlet
tubes to the loader control valve.
Sealed Pins and Bushings
The lubrication interval of the loader
pivot points has improved 500
percent, from every 10 hours to every
50 hours. This is the result of sealed
pins and bushings on most of the
pivot points.
The sealing keeps the dirt out and the
grease in, resulting in:
Less service time.
Reduced operating costs.
Longer pin and bushing life.
Completely New Backhoe Design
The 580K features a totally new backhoe from the main frame to the bucket, for
increased strength, performance, serviceability and visibility.
For better strength to hold up under the toughest conditions, the swing tower,
boom, dipper and stabilizer legs are made entirely from a proven, durable, cast
ductile iron. (Previous Case backhoes and all competitors use fabricated steel.)
The cast iron adds to backhoe strength because of:
No welds, for constant strength throughout the structures.
It has 62,000 psi (427 474 kPa) of tensile strength compared to 50,000 psi
(344 738 kPa) for fabricated steel.
The new backhoe is still an over-center design for stability, shorter transport
length and improved backhoe bucket to ground clearance. The boom, dipper
and bucket each has a single cylinder for improved visibility into the trench.
Protected Hydraulic Tubes and Hoses
The boom, dipper and bucket hoses and tubes are securely protected because
they are routed within the boom. Yet, all hoses and tubes can easily be serviced
through the open boom design.
Single Protected Boom Cylinder
The 580K backhoe features a large
single boom cylinder, mounted on the
top center of the boom for maximum
protection from any swing damage.
Previous models had two boom
Protected Dipper Cylinder
The dipper cylinder is positioned
within the boom structure, below the
boom cylinder, for both protection
and increased performance.
Larger Dipper Cylinder
The dipper cylinder bore diameter
has been increased 1 inch (25.4 mm),
to 5 inches (127 mm), while the rod
diameter is .5 inch (6.4 mm) larger,
improving dipper performance.
New Swing-System Design
The 580K features a new swing system that incorporates end-mounted swing
cylinders and a hydraulic sequence valve. Benefits include:
Improved swing cushioning.
Improved metering.
Improved swing torque.
Swing Torque Curve
Larger Diameter Stabilizer
The diameter of the stabilizer cylinder
tube has been increased from
4.0 inches (102 mm) to 4.25 inches
(108 mm), for improved lifting ability.
Improved Swing Torque
Backhoe swing torque from the
70-degree to 90-degree swing angle
has been improved up to 88 percent.
This improvement keeps the swing
torque more consistent throughout
the complete swing arc. The
improved torque provides:
Easier and faster trench backfilling
using the backhoe bucket.
Stronger uphill swing with a full
bucket when working on hillsides.
Greater ability to hold the bucket
against the excavation for a
smoother, clean-cut wall.
Improved Visibility to Bucket
The width over the boom and boom
cylinders has been decreased from
14 inches (356 mm) to 11 inches
(279 mm), for improved visibility to
the bucket.
Improved Bucket Rotation
Backhoe bucket rotation in the number-one hole position has improved
10 percent, from 168 degrees to 185 degrees. With 185-degree rotation, the
bucket performs straight-wall trenching and has excellent spoil retention for
truck loading.
Larger Array of Heavy-Duty Buckets
The 580K features more size choices for heavy-duty buckets.
New Heavy-Duty Backhoe Buckets
The 580K features newly designed
heavy-duty backhoe buckets with
improved strength for longer life.
Features include:
1-inch (25.4 mm) flat front
cutting edge.
Corner shanks and teeth.
Reinforced bucket ears.
Heavier side cutting edges.
Forged backhoe teeth.
Standard Case Coupler
Case adds two features to the 580K with its standard backhoe Case Coupler.
The coupler allows convenient backhoe attachment changes in a matter of
seconds to increase machine versatility on the job in a variety of ways. Case is
the only major manufacturer in the industry to make its own backhoe coupler
system, and the only one to make it a standard feature.
All Case-built backhoe buckets built after 1973 with 14" (356 mm) pin centers
(excluding the hellhole buckets) will fit onto this coupler.
Note: Not all allied-supplied buckets and attachments will fit onto the coupler.
Note: The bucket digging force shows a decrease because of the standard
Case Coupler, increased bucket rotation and a 4" (102 mm) longer lip
backhoe bucket.
Bucket Size
16" (406 mm)
18" (457 mm)
24" (610 mm)
30" (762 mm)
36" (914 mm)
Improved Backhoe Digging Forces
Bucket 9,800 Ibf. (43 593 N) 11,535 (51 309 N)
- 15%
Dipper 6,521 Ibf. (29 007 N) 6,015 (26 755 N)
+ 8%
Improved Backhoe Lifting Capacity
Boom Lift Capacity (SAE)
14'(4.27 m)
12'(3.66 m)
10'(3.05 m)
8'(2.44 m)
6'(1.83 m)
4'(1.22 m)
2'( .61 m)
0'( 0 m)
1980 lb. ( 898 kg)
2270 lb. (1030 kg)
2320 lb. (1052 kg)
2300 lb. (1043 kg)
2240 lb. (1016 kg)
2160 lb. ( 980 kg)
2130 lb. ( 966 kg)
2090 lb. ( 948 kg)
1647 lb. ( 747 kg)
2188 lb. ( 992 kg)
2312 lb. (1047 kg)
2324 lb. (1054 kg)
2310 lb. (1048 kg)
2263 lb. (1026 kg)
2226 lb. (1010 kg)
2170 lb. ( 984 kg)
+ 20%
+ 4%
- 1%
- 3%
- 5%
- 4%
- 4%
Note: Some of the boom lift capacity numbers show a slight decrease because
of the standard Case Coupler.
Dipper Lift Capacity (SAE)
12'(3.66 m)
10'(3.05 m)
8'(2.44 m)
6'(1.83 m)
4160 lb. (1887 kg)
3910 lb. (1774 kg)
4000 lb. (1814 kg)
4440 lb. (2014 kg)
3110 lb. (1411 kg)
2960 lb. (1340 kg)
2960 lb. (1340 kg)
3300 lb. (1497 kg)
Note: With boom at 65 angle.
Heavier Hydraulic Cylinder Walls
The thickness of the backhoe swing
and bucket cylinder walls has been
increased 33 percent from 3/16 inch
(4.8 mm) to 1/4 inch (6.4 mm), for
greater strength.
New Backhoe Control Valve
The 580K features a Case-built backhoe valve with all backhoe sections
combined into one integral valve bank. This results in:
Fewer external hydraulic connections and less plumbing.
Reduced potential for leaks.
Improved Backhoe Valve Metering and Efforts
For increased control of precision movements, the backhoe valve features
improved metering. The lever efforts on the backhoe control valve have been
substantially reduced for less operator fatigue.
Relocated Stabilizer Levers
Both stabilizer levers are now located
on the left side of the backhoe control
console. The operator can lower or
raise both stabilizers with one hand
while using the other to perform other
functions. This reduces the time
required to reposition the unit.
Optional Tilt Backhoe
Control Console
An optional tilting backhoe control
console is available so the operator
can adjust the controls fore or aft to
suit his individual level. This option is
a Case exclusive. Benefits include:
Improved comfort.
Improved backhoe control.
Improved productivity.
Note: Only available for the Case
three-lever controls with foot swings.
Backhoe Control-Lever
The time to change from Case three-
lever controls with foot swings to dual-
lever controls has been reduced from
8 hours to 2 hours, a 400-percent
Sealed Pins and Bushings
Like the loader, the backhoe pivot-
point lubrication interval has
improved 500 percent, from every
10 hours to every 50 hours, due to
sealed pins and bushings in most of
the pivot points. Benefits include:
Less service time.
Reduced operating cost.
Longer pin and bushing life.
Improved Pivot-Point Pin Retention
Most of the 580K backhoe pivot points are attached on one side by a keeper pin
inserted into a pivot pin, retained by a bushing, and on the other side by a bolt
and flat washer. Benefits are:
Improved retention.
Easier to take off and put on for service.
4.2 lb. (1.9 kg)
4.4 lb. (2.0 kg)
4.9 lb. (2.2 kg)
6.3 lb. (2.9 kg)
6.6 lb. (3.0 kg)
6.6 lb. (3.0 kg)
580K Improvement
Newly Designed Over-Center Lock
The 580K backhoe continues with the
over-center design and is held in the
over-center position by a large heavy-
duty, cast-ductile-iron lock. The
operator releases the lock from the
seat with a foot pedal. If unit is
equipped with optional tilting
backhoe control console, then the
backhoe is released from the over-
center position with a hand lever.
Over-Center Snubber
in Boom Cylinder
A snubber in the boom cylinder and a
rubber bumper cushion the shock
loads when the backhoe is returned
to the over-center position. The
snubber slows the backhoe when it
comes over center, preventing ajar
or bounce.
Newly Designed 14'8" (4.47 m) to
18'2" (5.54 m) Extendahoe
The 580K features an all-new
Extendahoe formed from fabricated
steel. The Extendahoe housing slides
completely over the dipperstick.
Benefits include:
Fewer moving parts to wear.
No lubrication required.
Replaceable synthetic wear strips
on all four sides.
Replaceable Extendahoe*
Wear Strips
For improved serviceability, the
Extendahoe features replaceable
wear strips retained by bolts. These
wear strips can be shimmed to
keep the Extendahoe housing-to-
dipperstick tolerances tight for
improved life and wear.
Wider Stabilizer Spread
The backhoe stabilizer spread in the
working position has increased
3 percent from 108 inches (2.74 m) to
111 inches (2.82 m). This wider
spread improves stability and
backhoe lift capacities over the side.
Lower Transport Height
The transport height has been
reduced from 11'3" (3.43 m) to 10'10"
(3.30 m), a 5-inch (127 mm)
improvement. Benefits include:
Improved maneuverability around
job sites.
Easier trailer transport.
Improved Angle of Departure
The angle of departure at the swing tower has improved 9 percent, from
22 degrees to 24 degrees, for easy loading onto a trailer, climbing hills and
negotiating rough terrain without hang-up.
Increased Dig Depth - 2' (610 mm) Flat Bottom
14'4" (4.37 m) 14'2" (4.32 m) +2" (610 mm)
Increased Overall Reach from Rear Axle Centerline
21'8" (6.60 m) 21 '1" (6.45 m) +7" (178 mm)
Increased Overall Reach from Swing Pivot
18'(5.49 m) 17'8" (5.38 m) +2" (51 mm)
Increased Ground Clearance
at Backhoe Frame
For improved travel in rough terrain,
the ground clearance at the backhoe
frame has been increased 2.5 inches
(64 mm), from 11.5 inches (292 mm)
to 14 inches (356 mm).
Optional Auxiliary Hydraulics
Standard Backhoe
An optional seventh valve section with
control lever and hydraulics is
available for standard backhoe units.
This is required to drive dipperstick-
mounted attachments such as
hydraulic hammers.
Optional Auxiliary Hydraulics
Extendahoe Backhoe
When the 580K is equipped with
an Extendahoe backhoe, the
Extendahoe hydraulics can be
disconnected and used like auxiliary
hydraulics to drive dipperstick-
mounted attachments. This is easily
done by locking the Extendahoe in
the fully retracted position with a pin.
Then tee off from the Extendahoe
hydraulics and use the Extendahoe
section to drive the auxiliary
Larger Hydraulic Oil Cooler
When ordered with auxiliary hydraulics, the 580K comes with a larger hydraulic
oil cooler for improved cooling. (Five rolls of cooling tubes in lieu of the three
rolls shown.)
Optional Reversible (Flip)
Stabilizer Pads
As a factory or field option, reversible
(flip) stabilizer pads are available for
the 580K. This flip pad incorporates
two surfaces into one pad:
Iron pad for dirt applications.
Rubber pad for street applications.
Note: Air conditioning cannot be used with the optional auxiliary hydraulics
and larger oil cooler.
Operator's Compartment
Dual-Entry Operator's Compartment
For convenient access, no matter where the unit is parked or working,
an operator can enter the Case 580K from either side. The operator's
compartment features a wide-open, level and uncluttered floor for unrestricted
movement and comfort.
Improved Operator
Platform Mounting
The operator platform's four lower
resilient rubber mounts have been
repositioned and a fifth one has been
added to the upper structure. This
change improves operator comfort
because of isolation from powertrain
noise and vibration.
Two Large Access Steps
To facilitate getting into the operator's
compartment, the 580K features a
large entry step on either side. The
left-side step also serves as a large
tool box, while the right-side step is
the battery compartment.
ROPS Canopy
The 580K has a newly designed
ROPS canopy that provides an
excellent 360-degree panoramic view
of the work area. The main support
member is located to minimize
obstruction in either the loader or
backhoe position. The front posts
have been moved forward and
outward to increase visibility to the
loader bucket and front tires. Also,
for improved operator comfort, the
ROPS roof has been enlarged, giving
more protection from rain and sun.
Panoramic View ROPS Cab
The operator is literally surrounded by tinted tempered safety glass in the newly
designed 580K cab. With a 40-percent increase in glass area, visibility in all
directions is opened up. The 580K features 59.6 square feet (5.54 m
) of glass,
increased from 42.6 square feet (3.96 m
) on the 580SE.
Three cab options are available:
cab with heater.
cab with heater and pressurization.
cab with heater, air conditioning and pressurization.
New One-Piece Doors
New one-piece doors have gas-
cylinder assist for effortless opening.
Entry/exit from either side is simple
with wide-open doorway space.
Convenient Side Window
Easy-to-open side windows on both
doors swing out and fold back
completely for good cross ventilation.
Lower Front Windows
Lower front cab windows below the beltline provide an unobstructed view of the
front wheels and loader bucket.
Redesigned Rear Windows
The rear cab windows have been
redesigned with notches in the slide
track. The operator can open the
windows in varying degrees to control
rear ventilation. Instead of just being
open or closed, the window opening
may be controlled to suit individual
operator preference.
Case is still the only manufacturer to
offer a rear cab window that slides
down and stores securely behind the
backhoe console, not overhead.
Rear Wiper Deactivation Switch
When the rear window is open, a
deactivation switch automatically
prevents the rear wiper from
accidentally being turned on. The
rear window must be fully closed and
the switch fully pushed in for the rear
wiper to work.
Lower Rear Cab Window
A lower glass panel has been added
to the rear of the cab to provide
improved visibility into the excavation
and to the stabilizer legs.
Fully Flaired, Curved Rear
The fully flaired, curved rear-fender
design is engineered to give
maximum protection from dirt, dust,
mud and other debris thrown by the
rear tires. The fenders are also
designed for visibility to the sides,
front and rear of the rear tires.
Cab Cap
The 580K ROPS cab features an
injection-molded plastic cap
A noise barrier.
A heat barrier.
Protection of working lights
because they are located in
the cap.
Integral mounting of the lights into
the cap for optimum lighting of
work area.
Curved Rear Side Windows
For less distortion and better visibility
to the side, the 580K cab features
large, curved rear side windows.
Side-Mounted Instrument Panel
The instrument panel is now mounted
to the right of the operator's seat
(side-mounted), making it easily
visible in either the loader or backhoe
operating positions. The panel
monitors the same functions it did on
the Super E, with the addition of a
brake-oil-level warning light.
Engine water temperature
Torque converter/power shuttle
oil temperature
Tachometer and hour meter
Also located on this panel for
operator convenience are:
Hand throttle Ignition key
Ether start button
Flood and work light switch
Rotating beacon switch
Warning Lights
Engine oil
Hydraulic oil filter
Air filter
Brake oil level
Brake engaged
Optional Audible Alarms
An optional audible alarm system is
available for the standard instrument
panel. It alerts the operator when a
malfunction occurs in engine coolant,
engine-oil pressure and brake-
applied circuits.
Standard Glove Compartment
In front of the steering wheel is a
convenient glove compartment to
store miscellaneous items such as
manuals, note pads, gloves, etc.
The glove compartment front cover
has an informative decal listing
important machine functions,
dimensions and specifications.
Side-Mounted Control Panel
For convenient reach, the cab control
panel is now located to the right side
of the operator's seat. The control
panel includes:
Dome lights switch (Pressurized
cabs only)
Front wiper switch
Rear wiper switch
Blower switch
Temperature control for heater
Temperature control for air
Standard Dome Lights
As an operator convenience for night
operation, the 580K pressurized cab
has two standard roof-mounted
dome lights.
Front Control Panel
For operator convenience when
roading the machine, the front control
panel contains:
Switch for two front driving and
rear working lights.
Switch for emergency flashers.
Turn signal lever.
Beverage Holder
Built into the inner part of the cab is
left ROPS post is a beverage holder
for soda cans, thermos bottles, coffee
cups, etc.
Optional Interior Rear-View Mirror
A front-mounted interior rear-view
mirror is available as an option.
Optional Exterior Rear-View
To aid in maneuvering around the job
site, optional exterior rear-view mirrors
are available. These mirrors are
mounted off the left and right front
ROPS posts.
Optional Suspension Seat
For improved operator comfort, the
suspension seat now features an
adjustable upper back rest. As in
previous models, it has fore and aft
adjustment, three-position seat rake,
three-position suspension tilt and
180-degree pivot. For improved
appearance, a rubber skirt covers the
seat's suspension mechanism.
Optional Instrument Control Center
As an option, an instrument control center is available for either cab or ROPS
canopy units. This panel electronically monitors the following circuits:
Standard 2" (51 mm) Retractable
Seat Belts
2" (51 mm) retractable seat belts are
standard equipment for both the non-
suspension and suspension seats.
Benefits of the retracting seat belts
Belts are out of the way when not
in use.
Belts stay cleaner because they
are not on the floor.
Belts are more convenient to use,
no groping to find them.
Note: 3" (76 mm) non-retractable
seat belts are available as an option.
A warning light signals the operator if a
malfunction occurs on any of the on/off
status indicators. Along with the warning
light, a three-second audible alarm
goes off on the circuits noted. A
continuous alarm alerts the operator of
a malfunction of six critical functions.
The instrument panel also has a
digital display of:
Engine rpm
Engine hours
Service hours
Ground speed.
Push buttons allow programming of:
Engine rpm
Ground speed
Engine hours
Security system
Service hours
Tire calibration
On/Off Status Indicators
Engine crank speed
Parking brake
Engine oil pressure
Front axle engaged
Transmission oil filter
Air filter
Brake oil level
Hydraulic oil level
Hydraulic oil filter
Service indicator
Security system
System normal
Bar Graphs
Engine coolant temperature
Fuel level
Torque converter oil temperature
System voltage
Bar Light
Audible Alarm
Audible Alarm
Audible Alarm
Optional Tilt Telescopic
Steering Column
An optional tilting and telescopic
steering column is available so the
operator can adjust the steering
wheel fore or aft and up or down
to fit his needs.
Benefits are:
Improved comfort.
Improved steering control.
Improved productivity.
Improved Horn Button Location
For operator convenience, the
optional horn button has been moved
from the front dash to the hub of the
steering wheel.
Reduced Noise Levels
During a working cycle in a 580K cab
unit with doors and windows closed,
the noise level has been reduced
from 85 dB(A) to 82 dB(A) at the
operator's ear.
Various front and rear tire options were eliminated with the 580K because they
had very low usage.
Tire Size
14.9 x24, 6 PR, R4
14.9 x24, 8 PR, R4
16.9 x24, 6 PR, R4
16.9 x24, 8 PR, R4
16.9 x24, 10 PR, R4
17.5 x24, 6 PR, R4
17.5 x24, 8 PR, R4
17.5 x24, 10 PR, R4
Tire Size
7.50 x16, 10 PR, 11
8.00 x16, 10 PR, F3
11L x16, 10 PR, F3
12 x16.5, 6 PR, lug
12 x16.5, 8 PR, lug
Front Tires
Rear Tires
Miscellaneous Dimensions
Overall Length
Overall length with the backhoe in transport position and the loader bucket on
the ground is 22 feet, 8 inches (6.91 m). The increase is due to the longer loader
arms and main frame.
Other Major Changes
Rear Counterweight
For loader tractors only, an optional
2800-pound (1270 kg) or 4200-pound
(1905 kg) rear counter-weight is
available with built-in drawbar that
bolts to the detachable main frame.
This replaces a 1400-pound (635 kg)
rear counterweight used on the 580
Super E. The new, heavier counter-
weight improves the 580K's balance
when it is used as a loader tractor only.
Newly Designed Mod Hitch
A newly designed, Category II bolt-on
mod hitch is available for the 580K to
give it added versatility. It is capable
of lifting more than two tons at the
hitchpoint and has the strength and
capacity to push equipment as well
as pull it.
Like the 580 Super E mod hitch,
it provides the following functions:
raise, lower, float, tilt right, tilt left,
pitch and auxiliary circuit.
New Mod Hitch Control
Lever Location
The mod hitch control levers have
been repositioned from the right side
of the seat to the left side for improved
operator convenience.
21'9" (6.63 m)
22'8" (6.91 m)
+11" (279 mm)
Height to the top of the exhaust pipe is 8 feet, 3.5 inches (2.53 m).
8'11" (2.72 m)
8'8" (2.64 m)
-3" (76 mm)
Heavier Front Counterweight
A 13-percent heavier front counterweight, increased from 800 pounds (363 kg)
to 900 pounds (408 kg), improves stability when roading.
Performance Analysis
The new 580K was put through its paces at the Case proving grounds in
Burlington, Iowa, in comparison to the Case 580 Super E. Both units were
equipped with 24-inch (610 mm) backhoe buckets.
Performance tests show that the new Case 580K is almost 20 percent better
than the 580SE, measured in cubic yards per gallon doing five-foot (1.5 m)
trenching. The improvement shoots up to almost 24 percent doing 10-foot
(3.0 m) trenching. Though the 580K was faster than the 580SE in performing
basement excavation into piles, it used more fuel, thus making cubic yards
per gallon almost equal.
Five-Foot (1.5 m) Trenching
Cubic yards/hour
(cubic meters/hour)
Gallons of fuel/hour
(Liters of fuel/hour)
Cubic yards/gallon
(Cubic meters/liter)
Ten-Foot (3.0 m) Trenching
Cubic yards/hour
(Cubic meters/hour)
Gallons of fuel/hour
(Liters of fuel/hour)
Cubic yards/gallon
(Cubic meters/liter)
Basement Excavation into Piles -
Cubic yards/hour
(Cubic meters/hour)
Gallons of fuel/hour
(Liters of fuel/hour)
Cubic yards/gallon
(Cubic meters/liter)
- Backhoe
Summary of 580K Improvements
Main Frame
Two main frames (integral or detachable backhoe)
Box-section unitized main frame
Built-in fuel tank
Integral hydraulic reservoir
Common chassis for two- and four-wheel drive
Engine Area
Double front engine mount
Tilting engine hood
Rubber front hood bumper
Sound and heat curtain
Under-hood engine muffler
Improved air-cleaner servicing
Optional precleaner
Wide-open fuel-fill port
4 percent larger radiator
Electrical Area
System protected by blade-type automotive fuses
Sealed and self-locking wire connectors
Large standard battery box
More standard ROPS canopy lights
Additional cab lights
Improved return-to-dig proximity switch
Transmission Area
Improved transmission disconnect location
Improved transmission shift-lever location
Axle Area
Top trunnion-mounted steering axle
Improved four-wheel-drive front axle
Improved steering design
New steering system hydraulic oil supply
2-inch (51 mm) longer wheelbase
Increased front wheel tread
Improved front axle vertical wheel travel
Clearance for rear tire chains
See-through brake reservoir
Brake reservoir oil-level warning light
Hydraulic System
Improved hydraulic system flow
13 percent loader-pump capacity increase
10 percent increase in backhoe-pump flow
4 percent increase in main relief pressure
Only one main relief valve
Cast-iron hydraulic pump
Improved hydraulic pump coupler
68 percent larger capacity hydraulic reservoir
55-mesh suction screen
Hydraulic reservoir clean-out holes
Hydraulic reservoir sight gauge
Large hydraulic reservoir fill port
10W/30 hydraulic fluid
Relocated hydraulic oil filter
Larger hydraulic oil cooler
Improved hydraulic cooler fittings
Integral cooler charge relief and oil filter
Improved hydraulic pump outlet hose
Bolt-on split flanges
(Summary continued)
Heavy-duty loader arms
Larger loader cylinders
33 percent heavier hydraulic cylinder walls
7 percent increase in loader lift capacity
3 percent improvement in bucket breakout force
5-inch (127 mm) increase in bucket hinge pin height
6 percent improvement in bucket dump clearance
Improvement in bucket reach
Heavy-duty long-lip loader bucket
Loader bucket lift eyes
Sectional loader control valve
Bolt-on split flanges
Improved loader valve metering and efforts
Improved auxiliary loader control lever location
Sealed pins and bushings
Totally new backhoe design
Single protected boom cylinder
Protected hydraulic tubes and hoses
Improved visibility to the bucket
Protected dipper cylinder
Larger dipper cylinder
New swing system design
Up to 88 percent improvement in swing torque
Larger diameter stabilizer cylinders
Improved bucket rotation
Standard Case Coupler
New heavy-duty backhoe buckets
Larger array of heavy-duty buckets
Improved backhoe digging forces
Improved boom lift capacity
Improved dipper lift capacity
33 percent heavier hydraulic cylinder walls
New backhoe control valve
Improved backhoe valve metering and efforts
Relocated stabilizer control levers
Optional tilt backhoe control console
400 percent improvement in backhoe control-lever conversion
Sealed pins and bushings
Improved pivot-point pin retention
Newly designed over-center lock
Over-center snubber in the boom cylinder
Newly designed Extendahoe
Replaceable Extendahoe wear strips
3 percent wider stabilizer spread in the working position
2-inch (610 mm) increase in dig depth
7-inch (178 mm) increase in overall reach from rear axle center line
2-inch (51 mm) increase in overall reach from swing pivot
5-inch (127 mm) lower transport height
9 percent improvement in angle of departure
2.5-inch (64 mm) increase in ground clearance at the backhoe frame
Optional auxiliary hydraulics standard backhoe
Optional auxiliary hydraulics Extendahoe backhoe
Larger hydraulic oil cooler
Optional reversible (flip) stabilizer pads
(Summary continued)
Operator's Compartment
Dual-access operator's compartment
Improved operator's platform mounting
Two large access steps
Newly designed ROPS canopy
Panoramic-view ROPS cab
Three cab options
New one-piece doors with gas cylinders
Convenient side window operation
Lower front windows
Redesigned rear window
Rear wiper deactivation switch
Lower rear cab window
Curved rear side windows
Fully flaired, curved rear fenders
Cab cap
Side-mounted instrument panel
Optional audible alarms
Side-mounted control panel
Front control panel
Standard glove compartment
Standard dome lights
Beverage holder
Optional interior rear-view mirror
Optional exterior rear-view mirrors
Optional suspension seat
Standard retractable seat belts
Optional instrument control center
Optional tilting telescopic steering column
Improved horn button location
Reduced noise levels
Optional front tires
Optional rear tires
Miscellaneous Dimensions
Overall length with backhoe in transport position and loader bucket
on ground
Reduced height to the top of the exhaust pipe
Other Major Changes
2800-pound (1270 kg) rear counterweight
Newly designed mod hitch
New mod hitch control lever location
13 percent heavier front counterweight
Performance Analysis
15.1 percent improvement in 5-foot (1.5 m) trenching
15.0 percent improvement in 10-foot (3.0 m) trenching
19.7 percent improvement in basement excavation into piles